December 16, 2010

The regular meeting of the CHARITY COMMITTEE of the METRO EAST CHAPTER OF CREDIT UNIONS was called to order by Chairperson Crystal Gracz at 9:08 a.m. on December 16, 2010 at Motor City Co-op Credit Union.

Crystal Gracz, Gail Hernalsteen, Antoinette Funke, Becky Reini, Aaron Smith, and Julie Swidwinski.

COMMITTEE MEMBERS EXCUSED: Kathy Figgs, Jessica Johnson, Ronnie Johnson, Jenny Bulgrien, and Kathi Sitek.

GUEST PRESENT:    No guest present 


Motion made by Aaron Smith and supported by Gail Hernalsteen to approve the minutes of October 28, 2010 meeting as is.  Motion carried.

CHAIRMAN’S REPORT:  No updates or information to report from the Executive Committee.

Gleaners – Collecting is going well as reported by lead Aaron Smith.  Gleaners have been very helpful this year and are responsive and willing to help us out anyway that they can. Aaron will be in contact with everyone on the collection of cans or monetary donations the first week of January.

Metro East Committee Shirts – Gail Hernalsteen discussed the concern that several members from various committees are still waiting for their committee shirts.  Kathy Figgs was in charge of this task originally and was having difficulty with the vendor.  The chair will be contacting her to get an updated status and possibly step in to handle the task.  If you are still in need of a shirt please contact Crystal with your shirt size as soon as possible.

Website – Crystal and Gail have done a wonderful job of working on the new Volunteer Opportunities Link on the website. Final touches are in process and the use and purpose of the link was reviewed along with a printed handout of what it looks like on the site.  Each member was encouraged to go out and review the site and link personally to familiarize themselves with its use to better field questions from potential volunteers. Once the final items have been completed a blast will be sent our through the league notifying all Metro East Chapter Credit Unions of its availability. Members were also encouraged to contact Gail if they have any other charities they would like to see added to the link.  


Turning Point – Antoinette Funke is the lead and contact for Turning Point which will be supported as our first 2011 charity during the months of January and February. Signage and informational flyers will be provided to all via email. A review of the variety of ways in which the charity can be supported were reviewed which include cash donations, clothing items, cleaning supplies and gift cards. We will be planning a volunteer opportunity for the Credit Unions to participate in helping Turning Point at their resale store, The Second Hand Rose located in Mt. Clemens. Antoinette will be working on getting revised “wish” lists as soon as they are available. 

2011 Charities – A recap of the 2011 charities and leads was reviewed:
                                              January – February Turning Point  Lead:  Antoinette Funke
                                              March – April  March of Dime  Lead: Gail Hernalsteen
                                              May – June  Race for the Cure Lead: Kathi Sitek
                                              July – August  ALS of Michigan Lead: Becky Reini
                                              September – October Phone Home  Lead: Crystal Gracz
                                              November – December Gleaner’s Food Bank    Lead: Aaron Smith

New Committee Member – The committee welcomed Julie Swidwinski as a new committee member. She has been with Michigan Schools and Government for 6 months and serves on the similar type committee at her credit union. She is excited to be with us and we are excited to have her on board and look forward to her ideas and contributions.

None to be reported. 

Thursday, February 10, 2011 at Motor City Co-op Credit Union at 9:00 a.m.

Motion was made by Aaron Smith and supported by Becky Reini to adjourn the meeting at 10:30 a.m.  Motion carried.

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 Crystal Gracz, Chairperson                                  Antoinette Funke, Secretary