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MCUL Metro East Chapter
District VII
Michigan Credit Union League
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March 5, 2009

The regular meeting of the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE of the METROEAST CHAPTER OF CREDIT UNIONS was called to order by Chairperson Roger Quitter at 9:07 AM on March 5, 2009 at Motor City Co-Op Credit Union.

Roger Quitter, Drema Isaac, Fran Pierce, Jim Shereda, Gail Hernalsteen, Lisa Pionk, Patty Campbell, Vickie McIntosh and Jackie Ford.

Deidra Williams, Jan Rose, Michelle Myrick, James Safian and Gary Sylvester

Ron Martin and Heather Bade

Motion was made by Lisa Pionk and seconded by Drema Isaac to approve the minutes from the Executive Committee Meeting held on February 5, 2009. Motion Carried.

The February 2009 Treasurer's Report was presented by Fran Pierce. Two checks were written during the month, a $500 check to St. Cletus from the Scholarship Fund and a $500 deposit to Vintage House for the annual meeting. Fran stated the balance is $31,592.00.

A motion was made by Gail Hernalsteen and seconded by Jim Shereda to approve the Treasurer's Report as submitted. Motion carried.

Patty Campbell discussed the upcoming events, Employee Appreciation & Bingo Night to be held on March 11th. Gail Hernalsteen stated attendance is at 307, down from last year and prize money of $3500.00 had been collected. Collection Consortium to be held on March 19th registrations are low, however are expected to pick up.  The Annual Meeting to be held on April 8th.  The League sends out notice of candidates running for positions.

Michelle Myrick was ill and could not attend. Roger Quitter stated the Governmental Affairs Conference was great. 4400 credit union people attended. Sander Levin is a co-sponsor of the Bill. Carl Levin and Debbie Stabenow will not approve in its current form. Roger Quitter discussed Chairman Fryzel's presentation on Corporate Stabilization in Washington. He stated it is imperative to attend the GAC or Hike the Hill if possible each year. Executive Committee Scholarships are available.

Heather Bade reported on CU Difference Campaign and stated radio ads will begin March 9th and run for 10 weeks. It is a four part campaign with focus on GM, Chrysler, Generic Invest in America program and generic credit union advertising.

Ron Martin stated E.W. Daniel Credit Union has now closed its doors. He attended the MACU training session at Soaring Eagle over the weekend and also attended the Downriver Chapter's BSA training. He also stated Stacy Dugan is the new CRI Coordinator at the League. The Invest in America Program is a new department at the League and the V.P. is Kim Irwin. Stephon Johnson has left the League to go back into private practice. Jody Dabrowski has been hired to replace Stephon regarding regulatory compliance issues.

Director, McIntosh stated that the League had a special Governmental Affairs Committee meeting to discuss pending legislative in the State Legislative n mortgage foreclosures.

The League Board met on February 10th. They passed the Final Bylaw amendment for Election of Directors & Alternates as well as amendments to the Investment Policy.

The League also announced the lawmakers and staffers of the year.

Director McIntosh commented that the League Board knows credit unions have been receiving and distributing numerous comment calls. They have decided that the League will not always respond to every request and on the major issues, they will follow CUNA's lead.

Gail Hernalsteen reported Holy Cross Children's Home of Detroit sent a thank you letter for our donations from the Holiday Luncheon. A meeting was held at Motor City Co-Op Credit Union on Tuesday, February 10th, there was more in attendance than usual due to the March of Dimes representation and materials given out. Tuesday, March 19th is the Golden Mile, the official kick-off for 2009, held at the Detroit Athletic Club. Gail stated the walk will be April 26th and at least 20 volunteers are needed. Contact Gail if interested. Relay for Life kickoff dinner will be held on March 26th at the Polish Century Club. Also the committee added another charity for the year to include Gleaners Food Bank of Michigan for November/December collection.

Chairman Roger Quitter reported that the League Annual Meeting will be July 11th in Traverse City. Anyone that wishes to bring a resolution before the Association for a vote has until April 3, 2009 to do so.

Chairman Roger Quitter reported that Lisa Pionk will be taking over the Golf Outing. They met this week at Boulder Lakes and the outing is set for September 14.



Legislative Breakfast - The committee discussed the desire to organize and hold a breakfast in September.

Chapter Leaders - The Chapter Leader retreat is scheduled for May 15th & 16th at the Amway Grand in Grand Rapids. Various members of the committee expressed concerns about the content for the meeting.

Lisa Pionk agreed to contact the coordinator for the event and offer some suggestions for content. The League will pay for 2 people from the Chapter to attend the meeting.

The next meeting of the Executive Committee will be at 5:00 p.m. on April 8th at the Vintage House in Fraser prior to the annual meeting at 6:00 p.m.

The May 7th Executive Committee meeting will be at Michigan Schools & Government at which time there will be an election of officers.

The League will be mailing out the election notices to all of the credit unions in the Chapter announcing the candidates for the April 8th Annual Meeting.

Motion was made by Vicki McIntosh and seconded by Jim Shereda to adjourn this meeting at 10:45 a.m. Motion carried.


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Roger Quitter, Chairperson                      Patty Campbell, Acting Secretary

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